The Byron Bay Diet


Healthy. Mindful. Easy.



The Byron Bay Diet has come about from years of working with clients to achieve their weight loss goals.  
It is a 3 phase plan covering a period of around 10 weeks.

It is all too clear that carrying around excess weight can be harmful to health in many ways. Not only does it make us more likely to suffer from the more serious diseases it can also make our clothing uncomfortably tight!

The Byron Bay Diet is a cutting edge weight loss plan which takes into account how the body and mind work
together to achieve lasting weight loss.

In the process of following this well thought out diet, clients often find that chronic, nagging health issues clear up spontaneously.

The Byron Bay Diet is a fully supported program and comes with easy instructions, sample menu plans and delicious recipes too. 

I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your weight loss goals.